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Maralunga, cool since 1974

Director Matteo Masin
Technique Video
Photography Nicola Picogna
Production Ikon

Vico Magistretti’s Maralunga sofa is a masterwork of versatility. Its back rests famously fold out at varying heights to become headrests, affording maximum comfort to users of all sizes. And it works as a centrepiece for every living room, as demonstrated in a new short film by manufacturer Cassina, first shown as a trailer to the documentary 'Le Corbusier 50' at the Salone del Mobile.

Titled 'Cool since 1974', the film shows Maralunga in every decade since its inception- belonging to families of all configurations, and in rooms accessorised with record players, Polaroid cameras, and eventually iPads. Technology has advanced, tastes have changed and people have grown. Maralunga, however, continues to comfort and captivate.